Coffee with soul.

Enjoy the Ear'as with us.

Coffee for the Ear'as


A twangy strat played through an old valve amp – think shadows, Labamba and – intense, sweet and warm chocolate with fruity tones.

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A Les Paul guitar belting into a warm overdrive. Simmering, vintage valves on full throttle for a smooth, earthy blanket of caramel and nuts.

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gino-caffe-80-2 now

Full bodied synth notes with clean chords stroked into a stereo transistor amp with oodles of reverb. An atmospheric taste of sweet vanilla chocolate and a floral finish.

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The love story...

I've mixed my love of design, music and roasting beans to weave a new and exciting coffee brand

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"Gino's coffee is the best thing I have experienced since live aid!"

Paul David

"Better than Yoko Tea!"

John Lennon